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Our schools are the pride of our community, and every child deserves the opportunity to pursue the best education possible. I will advocate for better access to mental health resources, smaller class sizes, and will always ensure our schools have the resources they need to be successful. I am also committed to promoting technical programs into our high schools so every student has a shot at high wages and good jobs.


What We Accomplished

  • Over $25 million for our local schools in Senate District 4. 

  • Almost $120 million to the Minnesota State Colleges and Universities system to keep tuition affordable. 

  • Free school meals for every student across Minnesota. 

  • Creation of new Student Support Personnel Aid Program to improve our student's mental health.

  • Historic investments in early learning scholarships across the state.


In St. Paul I won't stop fighting to lower the costs of being a homeowner, the cost of prescription drugs like insulin, or the costs of running a family farm or small business. One of my top priorities as your state senator will be to eliminate the state tax on Social Security income.

What We Accomplished

  • Historic $3 billion in tax cuts for everyday Minnesotans.

  • $1 billion in Social Security tax reductions, leading to 76% of Minnesotans paying no taxes on Social Security.

  • New Child Tax Credit delivering $1.52 billion in tax savings to 265,000 families with children.

  • $300 million in property tax relief to homeowners, renters, seniors, and farmers.

  • $1 billion in rebates to middle-class families across Minnesota.

A Strong Economy

I will always be a strong supporter of responsible tax relief that will put more money in your pockets, and as long as I am in St. Paul, I will work to create job retention and training programs and promote policies that advance affordable childcare. As your state senator I will hold wealthy corporations to account and and ban them from inflating prices of the essentials we need. 

What We Accomplished

  • $250 million to match federal and private investments related to the CHIPS Act.

  • $15 million in investments for childcare, with an emphasis on supporting Greater Minnesota.

  • Minnesota's first Paid Family and Medical Leave Program.

  • Historic investments to improve access to job trainings and apprenticeships. 

  • New Price Gouging protections enshrined into law.

Safe Communities

I support responsibly investing in public safety programs that keep our communities safe and allow our neighborhoods to thrive. I will fight to ensure that law enforcement gets the resources they need to do their jobs, including further funding to recruit and train more officers at the local level. I am also a proponent of proven violence prevention strategies that can be implemented alongside these critical investments. 

What We Accomplished

  • Nearly $3.8 million to build a new fire station in Dilworth.

  • Equating fentanyl possession and sales crimes to those for heroin.

  • $300 million in one-time Public Safety Aid to cities, counties, and Tribal governments.

  • New safeguards against catalytic converter theft into Minnesota law.

Bodily Autonomy

The decision of when to start a family should be left up to mothers and their doctors. I strongly support a person's right to make decisions about their own bodies and in St. Paul I will work to protect access to reproductive healthcare. With the fall of Roe v. Wade, state legislatures have become the last line of defense for abortion access, and I will always stand up to extremists who want to take that right away from Minnesota women. 

What We Accomplished

  • Enshrined access to reproductive healthcare into Minnesota law.


In St. Paul I will work to make Minnesota a more sustainable place to live, work, and raise a family. Supporting efforts that combat climate change will make our communities better, our farmers safer and our children able to grow up in a world where they can thrive. 

What We Accomplished

  • $100 million for expanding broadband access dedicated to establishing reliable internet in Greater Minnesota.

  • A Grain Indemnity Fund of $8 million to compensate grain farmers when grain buyers or grain warehouse operators breach a contract.

  • 100% Carbon-Free electricity by 2040. 

Local Infrastructure

What We Accomplished

  • $11 million for flood mitigation projects in Moorhead.

  • $10 million for the 11th Street underpass project in Moorhead. So property owners won't get hit with special assessments

  • Money of the design of paving 13th Street in Barnesville from Highway 34 to 9th Avenue Southeast.

  • Local Option Sales Tax for both Dilworth and Detroit Lakes that they can take to the voters for projects in their cities.

  • $24 million for the restoration of Weld Hall at MSUM

  • Nearly $3.8 million for a new fire station in Dilworth

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